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Abdominal injury, radiological examination
Abnormal sexual behavior
Abuse, definitions of
Acute injury, suspected, radiological examination
Additional resources, children and adolescents with disabilities
Additional resources, diagnosis
Additional resources, documentation
Additional resources, foster care
Additional resources, history
Additional resources, juvenile sexualized behavior
Additional resources, laboratory
Additional resources, legal issues
Additional resources, multidisciplinary approach
Additional resources, physical examination
Additional resources, radiology
Additional resources, reporting
Additional resources, treatment and follow-up
Additional resources, triage
Age-appropriate sexual behavior
Anal/rectal examination


Billing for testimony
Bleeding disorder, laboratory evaluation
Body diagrams
Burn assessment, rule of nines diagram


Chest injury, radiological examination
Child advocacy centers, role of
Child protection coordinator, role of
Child protective services, role of
Child sexual abuse, forms of
Civil court
Club drugs, toxicology screening
Coding for billing
Colposcope, alternatives to
Colposcope, using
Communication, asking appropriate questions
Communication, confidential
Communication, cultural interpretations
Communication, privileged
Community coordination of child abuse cases
Community services, list of
Confidence continuum of history questions
Confidentiality, of source and report
Confidentiality, when reporting
Consent, emancipated minors
Consent, evidence collection
Consent, foster care patients
Consent, mature minors
Consent, photography
Consent, physical examination
Consent, radiological examination
CPT codes for billing
Criminal court
Culture-based practices interpreted as abuse


Diagnosis, additional resources
Diagnosis, differential, table
Diagnosis, documentation
Diagnosis, documentation, suggested wording
Diagnosis, emotional abuse
Diagnosis, neglect
Diagnosis, overview
Diagnosis, physical abuse
Diagnosis, sexual abuse
Diagnosis versus suspicion of abuse
Diaphyseal fractures, common types of, table
Disabilities, children and adolescents with, additional resources
Disabilities, children and adolescents with, myths about
Disabilities, children and adolescents with, overview
Disabilities, children and adolescents with, responding to abuse of
Disabilities, children and adolescents with, risk factors for abuse
Disclosing information
Documentation, additional resources
Documentation, coding for billing
Documentation, overview
Documenting, diagnosis
Documenting, diagnosis, suggested wording
Documenting, history
Documenting, laboratory results and imaging
Documenting, neglect
Documenting, other information
Documenting, photography
Documenting, physical examination
Documenting, sexual abuse examination
Drug facilitated assault, evidence collection


Emergency contraceptive pills, list of
Emotional abuse, diagnosis
Emotional abuse, follow-up
Emotional abuse, treatment
Evaluation, emergent
Evaluation, scheduled for later date
Evaluation, urgent
Evidence, release of
Evidence collection, bite marks
Evidence collection, consent
Evidence collection, drug facilitated assault
Evidence collection, preparation
Evidence collection, preserving evidence integrity
Evidence collection, swabs and smears
Examination, when needed
Excited utterance
Expert testimony, forms of
Expert testimony, purpose and scope
Expert witness, qualifications of
Expert witness, testifying as


Fact witness, testifying as
Failure to thrive, laboratory tests
Failure to thrive, treatment and follow-up
Female circumcision (female genital mutilation)
Female genital mutilation (female circumcision)
Findings confused with abuse, table
Foster care, additional resources
Foster care, biological parents, working with
Foster care, consent issues
Foster care, health concerns of children in
Foster care, medical evaluation check lists
Foster care, overview
Foster care, reunification checklist
Foster care caseworker, working with
Foster care system
Foster parents


Genital bleeding
Genital examination, female
Genital examination, inspection and palpation
Genital examination, male
Genital examination, positioning


Head injury, radiological examination
Head trauma, radiological examination
Hearsay evidence
Hearsay evidence, excited utterance or spontaneous disclosure
Hearsay evidence, statements for a medical purpose
Hepatitis prophylaxis
History, additional resources
History, documentation
History, ending the history-taking
History, from child with parent present
History, from parent
History, goals of
History, if none given by child
History, medical from parent
History, overview
History, questioning the child
History, social from parent
History, steps of taking
HIV prophylaxis
HIV testing
Hospital social workers, role of


Imaging results, documentation
Imminent danger Injuries associated with abuse, radiological evaluation of
Injuries, previous, radiological evaluation for
Investigative interview


Judicial system
Juvenile sexualized behavior, additional resources
Juvenile sexualized behavior, overview
Juvenile sexualized behavior, responding to



Laboratory, additional resources
Laboratory, overview
Laboratory tests, documentation
Laboratory tests, reasons for
Law enforcement, role of
Legal issues, additional resources
Legal issues, overview
Liability, immunity when reporting
Liability, penalties related to reporting


Medical evaluation checklists, foster care patients
Medical home
Medical providers, role of
Medical records, releasing information
Mental health professionals, role of
Multidisciplinary approach, additional resources
Multidisciplinary approach, overview
Musculo-skeletal injury, radiological examination
Myths, children and adolescents with disabilities


Neglect, diagnosis
Neglect, documentation
Neglect, medical
Neglect, treatment and follow-up
Newborn toxicology screen, positive, treatment and follow-up
Newborn toxicology screening
Normal sexual behavior
Nurse practitioners


Overview, children and adolescents with disabilities
Overview, diagnosis
Overview, documentation
Overview, foster care
Overview, history
Overview, juvenile sexualized behavior
Overview, legal issues
Overview, laboratory
Overview, multidisciplinary approach
Overview, physical examination
Overview, radiology
Overview, reporting
Overview, treatment and follow-up
Overview, triage


Photographic equipment
Photography, consent for
Photography, taking good pictures
Physical abuse, diagnosis
Physical abuse, findings suggestive for
Physical abuse, follow-up
Physical abuse, inpatient evaluation and treatment
Physical abuse, outpatient evaluation and treatment
Physical examination, additional resources
Physical examination, consent for
Physical examination, documentation
Physical examination, general
Physical examination, goals
Physical examination, overview
Physical examination, personnel
Physical examination, preparing the child/adolescent for
Physician assistants, role of
Physician extenders, role of
Physicians, role of
Pregnancy prevention
Pregnancy testing
Privileged information, limits of
Prosecution, role of
Protective custody



Radiological examination, abdominal injury
Radiological examination, age-based recommendations
Radiological examination, chest injury
Radiological examination, consent for
Radiological examination, documentation
Radiological examination, head injury
Radiological examination, head trauma, recommendations for
Radiological examination, isolated musculo-skeletal injury
Radiological examination, significant trauma, recommendations for
Radiological examination, suspected acute injury
Radiological examination, technique recommendations
Radiology, additional resources
Radiology, overview
Reassuring the child and parent
Registered nurses, role of
Releasing medical records and information
Reporter, mandated
Reporting, additional resources
Reporting, how to
Reporting, if report not accepted
Reporting, in hospital setting
Reporting, overview
Reporting, report content
Reporting, when to
Reporting abuse, based on an STD
Reporting cause of death
Reporting communicable diseases, STDs
Resources, supplemental, list of
Responding to abuse, of children and adolescents with disabilities
Responding to disclosure of abuse
Responding to families
Responding to juvenile sexualized behavior
Reunification checklist
Risk factors for abuse, children and adolescents with disabilities
Role of child advocacy centers
Role of child protection coordinator
Role of child protective services
Role of hospital social workers
Role of law enforcement
Role of medical providers
Role of mental health professionals
Role of physician extenders
Role of physicians
Role of prosecution
Role of registered nurses
Role of victim advocates


Sedation and anesthesia
Sexual abuse, diagnosis
Sexual abuse, follow-up
Sexual abuse examination, documentation
Sexual behavior, abnormal
Sexual behavior, normal
Skeletal survey
Spermatozoa and seminal plasma
Spontaneous disclosure
Statutory rape
STD prophylaxis
STD treatment
STDs, diagnostic methods
STDs, diagnostic testing
STDs, likelihood of abuse
STDs, post-assault testing
STDs, specimen collection
STDs, symptoms
STDs, testing the suspected perpetrator
STDs, whom to test


Testifying, as expert witness
Testifying, as fact witness
Testifying, billing for
Testifying, preparing for court
Toxicology screening, club drugs
Toxicology screening, newborn
Trauma, significant, radiological examination
Treatment and follow-up, additional resources
Treatment and follow-up, overview
Triage, additional resources
Triage, overview
Triage, questions
Triage, referral to an expert
Triage, steps


Uncooperative, non-offending parent


Victim advocates, role of
Visceral injury, laboratory evaluation





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